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West Chester

Jennifer Hodson


Assoc. Partner | Senior Advisor

With 25+ years of industry experience, I help my clients manage their finances and focus on habits that drive wealth. This long-term relationship starts with the creation of a financial plan that connects the dots in your financial world and gives you a road map to make confident decisions.

My fiduciary approach to financial planning and wealth management addresses your entire financial picture, from day-to-day cash flow management to investment strategy, tax, and estate planning. I take a pragmatic approach and pride myself on keeping things simple, productive, and fun. Here is a glimpse at the Financial Planning Process.

I am committed to continuing education for myself and my clients. I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, Certified Exit Planning Advisor® and Retirement Income Certified Professional®. In addition, I graduated Cum Laude from Messiah College with a Bachelor of Science in Economics.

My husband Jim and I live in Collegeville, PA where we raised our three children. I am a dog lover, travel enthusiast and aspiring wine connoisseur. Recently, my love of tennis has been replaced by my fascination with the game of golf.

Areas of Focus:

Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement is one of the main reasons investors seek the help of a professional. While it is never too soon to start planning, the 5 years leading up to retirement and the first 5 years in retirement are known as the “fragile decade”. During this time, you will make key decisions about how to maximize your retirement and your investment returns will be more important than ever.

Family Office Services

Ideal for families whose wealth and complications are beyond the scope of the average advisor or advisor team. Whether wealth arrives predictably or suddenly, these families need more in the way of organization, strategy, family communication and education. In addition, these families need their key advisors to consistently collaborate on helping the family to reach their long-term goals.

Business Owner Exit Planning

Every business owner will exit his or her business someday. The question is whether they will do it on their terms or someone else’s. Whether the exit is soon or unknown, we assist business owners in developing a thoughtful strategy – considering all possibilities for transitioning out of their business. For those business owners who have made the decision to exit their business within a certain time frame, we are especially equipped to help them develop a plan that will maximize the likelihood that they will achieve their primary goals.

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