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West Chester

Kevin Donohue


Partner / Senior Advisor

Since 1997, I have centered my professional life on helping families and business owners manage, protect, and grow their wealth through sound, comprehensive financial planning.   My team and I deliver a consultative approach focused on strategy and education, allowing our clients to make decisions from a position of strength and confidence.

This approach provides our clients with a wide peripheral vision of their current affairs as well as a forward-looking perspective on how circumstances may look in the future when evaluating one strategy versus another.  We proactively collaborate with our clients’ other key advisors to make sure we are considering every perspective and the impact of any one decision.

About me

I am married to Lauren and have three kids; Ben, KT and Lucy.  My life is happily consumed with the 4 of them, extended family and friends.  When time permits, there are few things I love to do more than spend time in Ocean City, NJ, or on the golf course with friends.

Areas of Focus:

Family Office Services

Ideal for families whose wealth and complications are beyond the scope of the average advisor or advisor team.  These families need more in the way of organization, strategy, family communication and education.  In addition, these families need their key advisors to consistently collaborate on helping the family to reach their long-term goals.

Business Owner Exit Planning

Every business owner will exit his or her business someday.  The question is whether or not they will do it on their terms or someone else’s.  Whether the exit is soon or unknown, we assist business owners in developing a thoughtful strategy – considering all possibilities for transitioning out of their business.  For those business owners who have made the decision to exit their business within a certain time frame, we are especially equipped to help them develop a plan that will maximize the likelihood that they will achieve their primary goals.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Villanova University. I live in Downingtown, PA with my wife Lauren and our three children: Ben, Kevin, and Lucy. 

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