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Building a Stress-Less Work Environment: The Importance of Comprehensive Wellness Initiatives ft. Jayna Gougler

Legacy Listens Episode #39

When you think of your workplace, does wellness come to mind? It should.

Join Legacy’s Director of Retirement Plan Services, Brendan Speers, as he talks about the importance of mental health with Jayna Gougler, the Corporate Wellness Coordinator at BSI Corporate Benefits.

Brendan & Jayna discuss how everyone is different and each client has different wellness requirements which need to be uniquely tailored to their specific needs. From small businesses to large corporations alike, Jayna emphasizes the significance of leveraging technology and understanding the psychology of wellness in order to best develop an effective holistic wellness plan.

So, put your headphones back, sit back, relax, listen, and learn the best way to build your own wellness-oriented workplace. 

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