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Employer Retirement Plan Consulting

Employer Retirement Plan Consulting

The design and management of a successful employer retirement plan functions best as a collaboration of internal and external resources, and it’s no place for beginners. Working with an experienced professional can help you achieve optimal results and a robust offering that helps support your brand and define your culture.

Plan Level Investment Services

  • Serve as investment co-fiduciary
  • Review Plan’s investment objectives
  • Assist in development of investment policy statement
  • Provide investment monitoring and reporting

Participant-Level Services

  • Provide investment education to participants 
  • Plan information 
  • General financial and investment information 
  • Asset allocation models 
  • Investment Advice

Plan Operation-Related Services

Plan Committee Services
  • Review governance and structure
  • Provide fiduciary education
  • Develop and maintain fiduciary file
Bonding-Related Services
  • Review ERISA fidelity bond
  • Review fiduciary insurance policy
Plan Administrative-Related Services
  • Review ERISA Section 404(c) compliance
  • Analyze Plan design
  • Provide ongoing support for Plan operation

Plan Operation-Related Services (continued)

Provider Oversight-Related Services
  • Periodic benchmarking of fees, services, and investments
  • Support contract negotiations with administrative service provider(s)
  • Provide service provider transition and/or Plan conversion support

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