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Elevate Your Team: Unveiling the Traits and Strategies for Identifying High Performers ft. Wayne Herring

Legacy Listens Episode #36

In the latest episode of Legacy Listens, host Matt Kulp talks with Wayne Herring, Founder of Business Builders and renowned business coach for an eye-opening conversation on coaching high performers in the business world. In evolving times, we know the significance of nurturing talent, making this a must-listen for all entrepreneurs and business owners.

This episode explores:

  • Identifying high performers: Learn how to spot individuals with exceptional potential and drive using proven techniques. 
  • The role of key employees: Discover the distinction between high performers and key employees to foster growth effectively.
  • Coaching for success: Unlock the potential of your high performers through strategies like building a cohesive team and providing mentorship.

Don’t miss out on these invaluable insights! Listen to the full episode here: Legacy Listens Episode 36

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