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Legacy Stories – Featuring Brendan Speers

In this series, Legacy’s COO, Natalie Hodak sits down with Partner & Director of Retirement Plan Services, Brendan Speers, to uncover stories, insights, and knowledge about how he best works with clients.

Outstanding People? Tailored Support? What’s not to like??!

Brendan P. Speers, AIF®, CPFA®™, Director of Legacy Planning’s Retirement Plan Services, believes in finding outstanding individuals and then molding their roles to best serve client needs. With team members like Ronald J. Smith, Ethan Pensak, CRC®, Constance King, AIF®, CPFA, NQPA™, and Courtney Long who excel in service, education, and plan design, they provide invaluable support to their clients. COO, Natalie Hodak can attest this to be true! Her office is right next to Ethan’s and gets to hear firsthand the first-class service the whole team provides.

How does Legacy Planning differentiate itself from other firms in the industry? Don’t miss this ‘Legacy Stories’ to hear how!

Have you ever been inspired by someone’s gratitude at work?

In this Legacy Stories episode, COO Natalie Hodak and Brendan P. Speers, AIF®, CPFA®, Director of Legacy Planning’s Retirement Plan Services, discuss a crucial moment in Brendan’s career that reaffirmed his purpose.

During a day filled with meetings, some pleasant and others less so, Brendan’s unwavering determination was tested. It was in his final meeting of the day that he embraced an “attitude of gratitude.”

Brian Tracy once said, “Develop an attitude of gratitude. Say thank you to everyone you meet for everything they do for you.” Brendan and his team are pros at living this out loud!

Where were you the day the world stopped?

Recently, we honored and remembered the 22nd anniversary of September 11th. Like many of you, Brendan P. Speers, AIF®, CPFA®, Director of Legacy Planning’s Retirement Plan Services knew where he was that day and also the imprint it made on his life.

Our COO, Natalie Hodak, sits down with Brendan to discuss his journey in retirement plan services and how a pivotal moment on September 11, 2001, influenced his passion for how he serves his clients present day. Brendan emphasizes the importance of accessible financial guidance, regardless of savings, to secure one’s financial future. Tune in for more on this impactful Legacy Story!


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