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Legacy Stories- Featuring Matt Kulp

In this series, Legacy’s COO, Natalie Hodak sits down with Partner & Senior Advisor, Matt Kulp, to uncover stories, insights, and knowledge about how he best works with clients.

What got you to where you are today?

Having the opportunity to mentor and guide has helped Legacy’s Partner and Senior Advisor, Matt Kulp  learn about himself and discover his purpose.

Listen as Matt and Legacy COO, Natalie Hodak, discuss the experiences that got him to where he is today.

“Early Years” at Legacy Planning Partners.

As a self-proclaimed optimist, Partner, Matt Kulp reveals how the challenging financial landscape of 2002 offered him significant professional experiences early in his career.

Matt talks with Legacy COO, Natalie Hodak about how his “early years” at Legacy helped shape his growth and how the firm has evolved over the last 25 years. As we continue to celebrate the #25yearsofLegacy, have a listen to Matt’s latest Legacy Story.  

How do perspective shifts impact your life?

Legacy Partner, Matt Kulp examines a perspective shift in 2013 that allowed him to better understand the inner workings of Legacy Planning.

Listen as Matt and Legacy’s COO, Natalie Hodak discuss how changes internally impacted his role within the team and his view of the business.

Building a successful team.

To really succeed, you must first know yourself.  Join Legacy’s Partner, Matt Kulp as he sits down with COO, Natalie Hodak and shares his insights on managing growth and success with intentionality. Matt shares his experience of building a successful team – by not only identifying and embracing each individual’s strengths, but by understanding their weaknesses as well.

Are you in a position where you can grow and reach your full potential?

Legacy’s Matt Kulp believes that knowing where you’ve been, and envisioning where you want to go, requires effort.

In the unpredictable financial industry, where much is beyond our control, Matt has spent the last 22 years advancing the way he works. He firmly believes in continually educating yourself,  working to improve the level of advice and guidance offered to your clients.

Listen as Matt and Legacy COO, Natalie Hodak discuss thoughts for people looking to work in the financial industry.


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