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Lessons in Leadership – Ft. Kane D’Amico

Legacy Listens Episode #49

Lessons in Leadership, Transitioning Ownership and Nurturing Business Success

That old saying, “get your foot in the door” might not seem like much, but sometimes that is all it takes to get you started on the correct path.

Join Matt Kulp, as he sits down with the owner and partner of Alliance Heating and Air Conditioning, Kane D’Amico. Kane takes us back thirty years to reflect on the beginnings of his journey that lead him to Alliance.

Starting at an entry level position and proving his hard work through perseverance and consistency, Kane grew within the company. So, when the opportunity presented itself for him to take over as the owner, Kane knew this was the natural next step.

Tune in to get the whole story – who knows, it might even motivate you to get started on that journey you’ve been putting off!     

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