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The Power of Slow and Steady Growth: Boyer Food Markets’ Legacy ft. John Boyer

Legacy Listens Episode #37

Learn from Boyer Food Markets’ story of how they turned a potential business liquidation into a thriving enterprise.

This week, Matt Kulp sat down with John Boyer, the second-generation owner of Boyer Food Markets, on the Legacy Listens podcast. They covered John’s family business’s origin, growth, and success factors. 

Here are a few takeaways that led to an impactful conversation to help all business owners looking to Exit their business:

  1. Start small, dream big: John’s dad began with a small corner store at 22, turning an unexpected opportunity into something remarkable.
  2. Slow, steady growth: Boyer Food Markets expanded one store per year, reinvesting profits, minimizing risk, and solidifying their market position.
  3. Stand out with service: They differentiated through exceptional customer service, ensuring personalized attention with their redshirt service philosophy.

For more on building a successful family business, tune in to this Legacy Listens episode with John Boyer for valuable insights. Legacy Listens Episode 37

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