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Legacy Stories – Featuring Sam Stroud

In this series, Legacy’s COO, Natalie Hodak sits down with Associate Partner & Senior Advisor, Sam Stroud, to uncover stories, insights, and knowledge about how he best works with clients.

Your past life is as significant as your future plans.

Legacy’s Sam Stroud believes that understanding his clients’ retirement objectives extends beyond examining financial data on a screen; his analysis goes deeper. Sam seeks to understand his clients for who they really are. This involves exploring how they’ve lived, their life accomplishments, and the financial behaviors they’ve demonstrated throughout their journey.

Listen as Sam and Legacy COO, Natalie Hodak break down the importance of each element of a strong client relationship, and why you should look for the same from your financial advisor.

Sometimes, finding your passion involves getting hit over the head with it. Other times, it involves hitting someone else over the head!

For Legacy’s Sam Stroud, discovering a passion for golf at a young age expanded his perspective beyond the mechanics of drives, chips & putts. Sam relates golf to a philosophy inherited from his grandfather and his parents – a mindset built on the principle of paying it forward.

Sam sat down with Legacy COO, Natalie Hodak and explained how golf (and life) isn’t about what happened on the last swing, or even the last hole. What is important is what lies ahead, and what you can choose to do now to impact what happens next.

Join us now in hearing more from Sam and Natalie, and in challenging ourselves to do more, be more intentional in our actions and to pay it forward as often as possible.

Oh, and we promise no one (else) will get hit over the head by Sam’s backswing…

It’s a challenging topic to discuss, but we know that at some point we may need to make a crucial healthcare decision for a close family member.

When collaborating with financial planning clients, Legacy’s own Sam Stroud emphasizes the importance of addressing all facets of a client’s life and death. This includes navigating potentially uncomfortable topics such as drafting a will, establishing power of attorney, and, most significantly, creating a health care directive.   
Sam recently sat down with Legacy Planning COO, Natalie Hodak, and shared his personal experience of family tragedy —  a narrative he often shares with clients. His story serves as an example, highlighting the significance of individuals clearly defining their intentions so that family members can make informed decisions on their behalf, if needed.  As financial planners, we understand the importance of proactively planning for all scenarios, while also encouraging clients to engage in difficult conversations, so that they are prepared if a crisis were to arise.


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