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As a Certified Retirement Counselor for Legacy Planning’s Retirement Planning Services Group, I work closely with retirement plan participants to help them better understand their company’s retirement plan while also helping them create an overall strategy for retirement success.

I believe that retirement should be a time in life to achieve your dreams, spend time with family, and be comfortable knowing that you are doing what you can to be financially prepared for your future.

I joined Legacy Planning as a retirement planning education specialist in 2018, after two years with The Vanguard Group. I graduated from West Chester University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and a minor in Accounting. 

I live in the city of Philadelphia where I enjoy playing tennis, biking, performing live music, and watching the Eagles on Sundays.

What inspires you to do more?

“Every client I encounter inevitably has a different financial situation. My ability to understand their individual needs and deliver approachable solutions, catered to them, speaks to the culture we strive for as retirement planners at Legacy Planning. Retirement can be a difficult subject for some to talk about, so by putting my clients at ease, keeping the mood informal and allowing them to see that there is no “wrong” answer, I am able to make a real impact as we work together to define their retirement strategy.

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